The OFFICIAL College Zombie Headquarters
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 Welcome to, the official College Zombie headquarters! has all the tools you need for your zombie activities, including how to set up your own Zombie Defense club at your college or university. Our team of trained zombie preparedness experts will help you become ready for the impending zombie apocalypse.


 On the site you'll find how-to videos, resource materials, links to zombie content from around the Internet, and much more.


Be sure to visit the Survival Shop to order your own Zombie Club setup packages.

Looking to start a Zombie Club at your school?

Zombie Clubs
START HERE! is an organization dedicated to providing students with everything they need to help defend themselves, and their schools from almost certain Zombie Disaster. We do this by supplying the tools you need for establishing and maintaining your very own Zombie club. We'll help you every step of the way, from organizing promoting the club, managing events, and networking with other colleges who have zombie organizations. Because after all, teamwork is critical to survival! And once you get established, you can apply for Official Zombie Preparedness certification, and membership in The Zombie Defense Coalition, a network of recognized Zombie Clubs around the country, and around the world! So join us!

Does YOUR College have an Official Zombie Plan?